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Our funds are risk managed by an fca regulated licensed asset manager. you invest, we take care of the rest.

We have 5 funds to invest in

Each of our funds uses artificial intelligence to invest in sophisticated markets - so you don't have to.


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What? Our flagship Kilrie Funds strategy allows investors to receive 80% of the returns on investment derived from the underlying fund's performance from day 1.

How? By buying the synthetic asset called XCI from FCA regulated broker Darwinex. It's that simple. XCI tracks Kilrie Funds while managing risk professionally.

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Performance? In its first month of live trading as the XCI asset, Kilrie Funds gained 8% in live trading.

Who? Kilrie Funds is a portfolio of proprietary strategies making up the XCI financial asset. Dr Sam Beatson, assistant professor in risk, finance and banking owns Kilrie Funds. He is assisted by artificial intelligence and informed by machine learning in order to create robust strategies.

What about risk management? Risk is kept to 3.5%-6.5% per month at 95% confidence.

What does that mean? This means you are highly unlikely (statistically only 5 months out of 100) to have more than 6.5% of your invested capital at risk in any month.

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Watch this space! Beatinvest is our high growth fund...

Kilrie Partners' founder, Dr Sam Beatson created BeatInvest to offer superior returns over the long-term by creating AI that reacts to ever-changing market conditions. You can read more about BeatInvest here.

BeatInvest is not yet live and ready for investment under our FCA regulated licensed asset management partner. However, you can still monitor the underlying performance of BeatInvest. Just click on the graph and watch our artificial intelligence at work, growing wealth and creating a prosperous future of legacy, family and contribution.


our other funds

Check out any of our other three funds below:
Star FX Capital
Fast Track Forex

All of these funds are live trading and are likely to be ready to receive client investment in November, 2020.

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